Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Holiday Season is Here!

Truffles upon vegan chocolate truffles, vegan chocolate fudge, vegan brittle, dairy free Santa Claus, and almost every other imaginable holiday themed chocolate candy is rolling off our conveyor belts at this time. If you haven't yet had a chance to take advantage of visiting our site and getting some of these amazing vegan, allergen friendly, nut free, milk free, dairy free, gluten free, soy free chocolate offerings for the holidays - now would be a great time to hop on over to www.nowheychocolate.com and use promo code 'savetoday to save 10% Of course the regular peanut free peanut cups, milk free candy bars, and all natural chocolate lentils are all available as well. Visit our Christmas Chocolate Page at https://www.nowheychocolate.com/veganchristmaschocolate_s/134.htm

Monday, October 31, 2016

Thanksgiving and the holidays are approaching

At No Whey Foods the Halloween season is wrapping up and now Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us. Tons of pumpkin goodies as well as winter and Christmas themed Vegan items are already in production and ready to roll out. We have everything for Vegan and Allergy Friendly Chocolate Santa Claus to candy cane coated gluten free pretzels and Christmas chocolate figures and figurines. Peppermint bark and our famous vegan brittle are also here for this season. Suffice it to say there is a lot of excitement in the air on the factory floor and we can't wait to share these treats with our loyal followers. And everything is Free of Milk, Nuts, Peanuts, Gluten, Soy, Sesame and artificial stuff as well. Visit our Christmas Items at www.nowheychocolate.com/vegan_christmas_chocolate_s/102.htm and Thanksgiving at https://www.nowheychocolate.com/category_s/112.htm

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Pumpkin Cups without Milk?

Did you ever think you could get real chocolate pumpkin cups without any dairy in them? Ours have no nuts, gluten, eggs, soy, wheat or any of the common allergens, artificial flavor or animal derivatives either. If you need something to make Halloween feel more normal for a child with a food a allergy, a vegan diet, or are just tired of all the chemicals, this could be a great alternative. There are so many great options for trick or treating as well all vegan, peanut free, tree nut free. Enjoy the fall and Halloween season and visit us at www.nowheychocolate.com/Vegan_Halloween_chocolate_allergy_free_s/111.htm

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Veganism And Chocolates: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

They aren’t the latest craze in any vegan’s diet, but it is, seemingly, astounding that vegetarian chocolate, cakes, and cookies are the real deal. It is relatively rare using such words as “artistic-looking,” “ultra-smooth,” and “sophisticated” to describe the whole scene, but vegans are running the show entirely. According to the many food stores, lots of shoppers are eagerly looking for a piece of the many delicious fruitarian chocolate bars for different reasons.
Chocolates for the Halloween
Halloween is finally a few weeks ahead, and it is about time you learn and perfect your vegan baking skills. There are multiple healthy chocolates and cakes’ recipes, but if you are an ardent lover of the ready-made ones, you will inherently need a buyer’s guide. A comprehensive guide to help you find the best summer chocolate is as follows.
1.      Type of Chocolate to Buy
You are aware of the three chocolate varieties; milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate, which are often pervasive. Well, dark chocolates are better health-wise because they are packed with a handsome amount of nutrients and vitamins essential to the body's optimal working.
Milk chocolates are sweet, smooth and creamy in texture and are ideal for anyone apart from vegans, although there are tasty alternatives as well. White chocolates are in a way similar to the milk ones only that they have a little cocoa butter and other flavors. Although inexpensive brands are made using vegetable fats, it’s important to note that they are far much better in the body.
Dark chocolate types are, by far, the best for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians because they contain a huge percentage of Cacaos. Of course, they come in a plethora of shapes and sizes and are currently the best thanks to their safety health-wise. They are significantly higher in flavanols and are worth trying out.
2.      Chocolates for Different Occasions
Although chocolates are available all year round, some annual events might trigger a higher demand for them. The Valentines and during the Halloween season are arguably top seasons to buy them. Besides Bonbons, Boxed Chocolates, Truffles, and pralines are the best for that love-esque symbol, but fun-sized candy bars are the best to color the exciting Halloween season.
3.      How Many Bars And Boxes Do You Need?
Chocolate in its original form is incredibly popular, although any further additions make the blend delicious. Those who need an extensive collection can have their delivered straight to their homes, unlike the many mild shoppers. Irrespective of the size of your purchase, it is of great importance ensuring that all the packages are still edible, perhaps fresh and sealed.

As you head out there, remember to check their prices as well. Some firms do offer seasonal offers and deals including this coming season’s Halloween sales. Meanwhile, enjoy the best of these tasty pieces while staying healthy by buying a piece of the vegan-inspired bars. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Vegan Chocolate 101: Why these Three Health Benefits Will Amaze You

Let’s face it; don’t those dark petite-sized, chocolate bars look yummy?
Besides their delicious look and perhaps the fame as love symbols, vegan chocolates are, surprisingly, among the little nutrient-rich foods around. Yes, they aren’t referred to as “Food of the Gods” for nothing!
With their numerous health benefits raging vis-à-vis the surging need for those healthy foods, it is about time you consider a bite. However, you grab a taste, why don’t you familiarize yourself with the following health benefits?
1.      Cacao – NOT Cocoa – supplies it with the many Nutrients, Vitamins, and Antioxidants
Cacao, unlike Cocoa, is the plant when it’s still in its crisp, natural and unprocessed state. Above and beyond the dark color, this substance is famed for its richness in commonly required minerals including Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and Copper. You can get a substantial amount of the all-important Vitamin C from a simple bite as well.
Much like the value obtained from the fruits, the quantity of antioxidants that many of the natural and vegan chocolate pack is enough to keep you looking young and healthy. Therefore, next time you need to get rid of those aging marks, well, the answer is within your reach. In short, vegan chocolates are SUPERFOODS!
2.      Proper Working of the Body – The Heart, the Brain, and Your Immunity
If you are looking to lower your body’s cholesterol levels, just keep a few bars with you. From the plant sterols and Cacao flavanols to the many natural minerals, your heart will function properly and seamlessly. Those suffering from diabetes can consume a portion of the same food that contains unsweetened Cacao as it maintains the blood sugar level at its optimum.
“Dark-colored chocolate bars are particularly ideal for mending broken hearts,” – fun-fact
As a cousin to caffeine, Cacao gives the human brain a subtle boost, keeping your at your peak always. Just a little piece and your head will work well. Some studies suggest that the same compound has some hidden anti-inflammatory powers once some unique bacteria types break them down in the body. Well, it is pretty clear how that tasty looking piece can be of help in the body.
3.      A Potent Mood Elevator
As perhaps a powerful feel-good elixir, science suggests that just a bite is enough to calm any uneasy individual, especially when taken every single day for 14 days. It has some super-normal properties that serve to suppress the stress hormone, making you feel happy and contented for longer.
The Parting Shot

It is evident that a healthy bite of that vegan chocolate is more than a symbol of love. Besides the unsubstantiated report that it can as well be a powerful aphrodisiac, you can be confident that you will be less likely to fall sick after eating a piece. Well, now you know, don’t you? 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Benefits of Consuming Vegan baking including Cookies, Chocolates and Cakes

You may have had a rare glimpse of perhaps the crème de la crème of the colossal home recipes for making healthy vegan cookies, chocolates, and cakes. Well, amidst the rush for the safe contemporary diets is any vegan and healthy foods aficionado; Vegan baking and Vegan Cookies, Chocolates, and Cakes. Apparently, they are the Holy Grail in a rapidly growing niche thanks to their plethora of benefits and their ease of availability.
1.      Vegan Baking Is Pretty Easy
Do you always find yourself wondering where vegans source their proteins from?
With your proclivity for checking where vegans obtain the body essential nutrients, you will discover that vegan baking is among the primary sources. Firstly, vegan recipes require no particular skill and are perfect for baking with your little ones. In fact, most of them involve making those tasty chocolate cakes and cookies, what they inherently love the most.
2.      Vegan chocolates and cakes are an ideal substitute for any animal-based protein
Besides supplying your body with the many essential nutrients and vitamins, eggs, meat and butter are, without a doubt, an important ingredient in making any cake. However, as a pie enthusiast and at the same time a vegan, there’s a plethora of compounds that can mimic them. A gel made of ground flax seeds is one great alternative and augurs well with many people’s requirements.
3.      The appeal for any vegan diet that’s complete with everything is science ingenuity
It is practically hard imagining having that delicious vegan cake without an egg, right?
No! At any recipe developer's behest, your chocolate will be as incredible as the conventional ones. Despite your general notion, after trying the recipe out, the task will appear smooth.
“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food,” – Hippocrates
Further physical benefits of vegan cookies
1.      Being a vegan can as well double up as a way of conserving the environment. By consuming nothing that originates from plants, studies show that the eminently severe effects of global warming are reduced. It is, in fact, right owing to the fact that most of the hazardous matter that is dominating the atmosphere including carbon emanate from the food-processing industries.
2.      Did you know that although any vegan enjoys a healthy lifestyle, sleeping soundly is just an incentive? After sleeping well, meaning that both your physical and mental health is excellent, you will age slowly. Of course, vegan diets are SUPERFOODS!

3.      If you would like to shed some kilos, be a vegan as well. No junk foods, processed foods, sweets and all those chemical-laced foods. By and large, there are tons of benefits that come with adopting a simple vegan lifestyle.  

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Best Way to Store Your Chocolate This Summer

What do you love about the unlimited summer thrill?
As a chocolate enthusiast, you know well how the sizzling summer heat or rather what chocolatiers do refer to as the unpleasant end of the blissful chocolate season, can be unkind. It is that moment of the year when you indulge unconditionally and eat whatever is edible minding less of the other people. However, as you continue enjoying the soothing heat, any industry folk and marketer out there is battling to ensure that your favorite bar remains crisp and tasty.
Vegan chocolates, cookies and cakes are celebrated for their colossal benefits in the body. Their fame is even on an upsurge since at least a million Americans are, seemingly, among the planet’s ardent vegetarians. That aside, however, it is plausible knowing the right way to store these protein-rich foods this summer.
1.      Store in a cool, dry place; a place that is below 50% humidity is ideal. Excessive moisture will not only condense your chocolate bar but also draw out the sugar. Without sugars, it won’t be tastier.
2.      Ensure that it’s far from direct sunlight. The sun’s rays will heat up the bar, damaging its flavor.
3.      Keep it super fresh always. Who doesn’t like that yummy taste of a fresh chocolate? From the many ingredients, it is pretty clear that all of them are perishable and with a higher pinnacle of flavor and texture to make it fresh.
4.      Keep it away from those strong scents. Although you may need to keep your vegan chocolate in your refrigerator, keep it as far away from garlic and other strongly smelling foods, as possible. Furthermore, ensure that you wrap it well so that it doesn’t condense and lose the taste.
5.      Most “Best By” dates are arbitrary. Since most of the chocolates are made using sugars, it is hard for them to go bad when kept in excellent conditions. Therefore, pay little attention to them and more on where you keep them. You will need a little bit of them during the forthcoming Halloween, Christmas, and the Valentines and eventually during the Mother’s Day.
Apparently, refrigerating them is ideal only when you don’t have access to those low-humidity spot. When you stick to each of the above caveats, you won’t have any worries irrespective of the burning summer heat. Remember that Bonbons are delicate, unlike the bars and must be stored carefully.